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Good and Perfect Gifts

I don't know about you, but when someone hands me a gift, I get a thrill inside and out.  I love that feeling of expectation and excitement!  It's like my whole body says, "I don't know what this is, but I'm so excited that you thought of me and I know I'm going to love it no matter what!"   Christmas is just a few short weeks away, and many people are going to be exchanging gifts.  I know this year is going to be extra special in my little family!  I can't wait to see Nathaniel's bright green eyes light up as we give him Christmas presents wrapped in green and red wrapping paper and colorful ribbons with fun little...

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Be of Good Cheer!

The following is from my personal blog, LaShae's Cottage.  While this was posted back in September, I still feel the same.   So post-election and on Friday 13th, 2020, I thought you could use a little uplifting!  You know, the Bible tells us to "think on good things", and wouldn't it be nice if we saw a little more good on every website, every social media account, and every news article?  So here's my little bit of "good" to share with you all!   "Happy Friday!  I know so very many of you are excited for your weekends, and with this gorgeous weather here in North Georgia, I don’t blame you!  Today is one of the most beautiful days we’ve had...

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Join Us For Trendy Tuesdays!

I am very excited for this blog post because it's going to be the start of something beautiful called "Trendy Tuesday"!  Every Tuesday, I will share some cute and trendy ways to style our products.  Just imagine: you wake up to birds chirping and the sun shining.  You just have this amazing feeling that it's going to be an incredible day.  Your coffee maker agrees with you and brews the perfect cup of coffee - rich and warm and nutty flavors all swirling together as you stir in a hint of sugar and drop of creamer.  After a refreshing shower, you head to your closet for the outfit that will give you confidence to seize the day.  Only... when you...

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Meet LaShae- The Owner

Hi there!  I'm LaShae, one of the owners of Mountain Lilies Boutique, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our store! Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a stay at home mom to my sweet little boy.  Of all of my jobs, this one is my favorite.  Nothing brings me greater joy than to see that little boy smile at me with his big dimples.  My husband is a cowboy - well he's from Texas which is kinda the same thing.  He's all country, which is rather humorous seeing as I'm all city.  He could camp out every weekend and I run at the sight of any kind of bug.  But we work, and...

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